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Empowering Healthcare AI Innovation


About Us


Co-founded by University of Washington audio AI signal processing Professor Les Atlas (CTO), Virutec is a Washington-based company pioneering AI algorithms that identify various respiratory diseases through smartphone-recorded forced coughing sounds.


We're shaping the future of diagnostics and disease surveillance. Our mission is to diagnose diseases like COVID-19, TB, flu, and RSV from the sound of coughs and voices, and we're building a respiratory disease spread forecast system. This system uses cough surveillance testing across groups of people to rapidly track and predict the emergence of both known and unknown pathogens.


Our innovations have garnered a patent jointly owned with the University of Washington. We're proud to have been part of the MIT Sandbox Program and the LSWI WIN mentoring program, and we're actively involved in the WTIA Founders Program. Our primary customer base includes airlines, the transportation industry, public health departments, and medical/life insurers.


Our Vision


Virutec envisions a future where healthcare is both proactive and preventative. By leveraging the power of AI, we aim to provide early, accurate diagnoses, empowering individuals and healthcare professionals for timely interventions. Our vision extends to creating a globally accessible and effective medical AI standard.


Technology Overview


Our technology is built on cutting-edge machine learning algorithms that analyze audio patterns to identify potential health issues. By focusing on the subtle nuances of coughs and voices, we can detect early signs of various diseases. The Virutec platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, making it a valuable tool for both individuals, businesses, and healthcare providers.


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